Allow me to introduce myself.

Reception, intuition, and emotion make me a strong person. I linger toward wondrous things and remarkable people. I have a colorful imagination, which is good because I love to write. I create a world that comes closer to my own unique vision. When an idea is born, I need to get it out of my head; this happens often and I end up with numerous story ideas and bits or pieces of stories that fill the pages of notebooks, which I stack in my closet.
There’s an old soul trapped in my body.
 I try to keep myself open to spirituality in order to find a balance in the rest of my life. I have the ability to see deeply into the human psyche.If I get a hunch, others would be wise to pay attention to what I have to say. I don’t know…I just get these feelings… I’m an elusive concept. I’m strange with a mysterious smile and fey mannerisms.
My outward expression can sometimes be the opposite of how I truly feel. I may try to trick you with circuitous questions for no other reason than to avoid talking about how my day was. I’m sensationally slippery and brazenly baffling. I sometimes make whimsical entrances into rooms. I’m somtimes in unnaturally high spirits, which can make people feel cheated, because they’re unable to be that way.
Yet people tell me I’m adaptable and fun to be around (lots of fun…) I like to make people laugh, even satisfied with making them smile; both reactions show me that, somehow a connection has been made. I’m influenced (sometimes to a fault) by my surroundings and the people who enter my life. The capacity of people and things to have a compelling effect on me can potentially pull me over to the dark side. When my house is unorganized and chaotic, or when someone is depressed or irritated; I am adversely affected. So naturally, I appreciate a clean house and great individuals with strong minds.
I appreciate old friends who are willing to maintain a relationship with me regardless of the mistakes I made. And I feel sorry for the ones who cannot forgive me, because they’re missing out on a really KICK-ASS gal!
Oh yeah I met the man of my dreams! He swept me away, married me, and now we have a family, which is the center of my entire existence. I have wonderful friends. I am truly blessed. I take nothing and no one for granted. I’m incapable of taking myself too seriously. I’m kind and compassionate. I’m ambitious. I’m an aspiring aficionado of theater and art. On a large scale, I love more than I hate,I smile more than I frown, and I live more than I exist. I love and I am loved. Life is so fabulous!